Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nappy Cake!

I'm absolutely delighted with this little creation, I have seen so many made by various people and have been dying to have ago, so when my cousin became a dad for the first time there was a pretty good excuse to make one. They really are so easy to do and yet look so fab! I did actually get it all packaged up by my local florist but forgot to take a photo (story of my life....lol).

Thanks for stopping by, I'm truly grateful:)

Vicki x


Liz said...

Wow thats FAB Vikki very very great take of the nappy cake well done

Liz xx

alina said...

it looks wonderful, Vicki!
Hugs, Alina

Anonymous said...

Lovely nappy cake! Next time you need cellophane let me know! I bought a massive roll at cost from a florist friend of mine! Have you made the teddy bear too?!!!

Biscuitlid said...

it's stunning Vicki, love it to bits. I can't wait for my hubby's boss' wife to have her bubba so I can make thenm one too, I''desperate to buy all the bits but not sure of colour until the big day!