Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Woohoo, I got one!!!......

Oh how delighted am I to receive this fab award from the lovely Tracy over at Queenies. I have seen these on other peoples blog and thought I would love to answer all those questions with one word, now that will be a challenge for me....lol, so thank you soooo much for this Tracy, you made my day!:)

OK the rules are; pass this award onto 5 peeps! Post on their blog to let them know and answer a list of questions in one word, easy peasy!

1 Where is your cell phone - Bag
2 Your hair? - Sad
3 Your Mother? - Kind
4 Your Father? - Kind
5 Your favourite food? - Lamb
6 Your dream last night? - Forgot
7 Your favourite drink? - Coke-a-cola
8 Your dream/goal - Craft room
9 What room are you in? - Lounge
10 Your hobby? - Paper crafting
11 Your fear? - Dying
12 Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Here/happy
13 Where were you last night? - Home
14 Something that you aren't? - Patient
15 Muffins - Yum!
16 Wish list item? - PTI warehouse
17 Where did you grow up? - Liverpool
18 Last thing you did? - TV/QVC
19 What are you wearing? - PJ's
20 Your TV? - Philips
21 Your pets? - None
22 friends? - Many
23 Your life? - Busy
24 Your mood? - Tired
25 Missing someone? - A few
26 Vehicle? - Astra
27 Something you're not wearing? - Shoes
28 Your favourite store? - John Lewis
29 Your favourite colour? - Pink!
30 Last time you laughed? - Today
31 Last time you cryed? - Sunday (Emergency in the Womb - TV)
32 Your best friend? - Hubby
33 One place that I go to over and over? - Asda
34 Facebook? - Yes
35 Favourite place to eat? - Home

OMG, I made it! And now I would like to pass this fab award onto;



Liz said...

Ha ha ha Dont beleive this Vikki seen your name though oh! theres vikki I will pop over only to see Ive an award and did not know! OMG your a lass and a half enjoyed reading that tho! Glad to see you on and glad you like ur award!
Thanks Vikki might take me a wee while to get on decorating the whole house but I will link back!

Hugs Liz xx

Cheryl said...

oh bless you babe have already got this award but will pop it on my side bar with your name on it thanks again hun and for the lovely message hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Nicci said...

Oh thank you sweetie! I'll try and answer all those questions lol xxx


Hi Vicki
Thanks for thinking of me -have already got this one, and it's now in my side-bar, so I will add your name to it.
Love, Sylvia xxx

Neenie said...

Thanks for the award, Vicki, hon! Really lovely of you. Will just have to find time to answer all of those questions.... x :)

Aimes said...

Hey Vicki! Was great to learn a little more about ya! So it's not just me who has the PTI Warehouse on their wish list LOL!

Queenie said...

Hey ho Vicki enjoyed reading a bit more about you too.
Your blog is looking delish as well!!!
Take care