Sunday, 5 February 2012


NIGHTMARE!!!!!! My blog wont let me upload any more photo's, it says I have exceeded my limit on Picasa where all my pictures are stored. Turns out my hubby has moved our photo files onto Picasa so they don't use up space on the PC and slow it down and now it's FULL! (Arrrrrrrrh)

My son is sitting now making me my own google a/c and I'm afraid it looks like a new blog, just hoping he can work out how to transfer everything from my old blog :(

Will be back when it's all sorted ;)

Vicki x


Ohneilly said...

Hey vicki, I tried to look at you blog by clicking the links on left hand side of mine and got the message this blog has been removed! I had to click on the link from the comment you made ony cards, hope you get it sorted xx


HI Vicki - me again! Just tried to join your Followers, but blogger wouldn't let me as I am already signed in on your followers list.
Sylvia xx