Thursday, 28 January 2010

Christening Invites....

Just thought I might as well pop these on and show them off as they took me soooo long to do in such a short space of time. One of my neighbours asked me if I would make them for her daughter's christening and gave me about 3 weeks notice (ahhhhhh!) really I should have said no but as you do, I agreed! I actually made 150 not and I'm really pleased with the result as I know she was too but I wont get caught out like that (learned my lesson!)

Thanks for stopping by, I'm truly grateful! :)

Vicki x


Liz said...

These are really beautiful bt 150 Vikki are you mad lol??? I got your beatiful iittle package today Hun really lovely and was chuffed to opieces to get them And your perfect little card! thank you vikki

Liz xx

Aimes said...

You crazy lady - you seriously made 150 of these in that time!? Well I have to say that it's a fab design and sooooooo pretty! What a gorgeous name for that Christening too ;D


Well done Vicki on creating 150 of these gorgeous invites, im sure your neighbour was thrilled with what you've done. Love them, so classy! have a great weekend, you deserve a rest, hugs Linda x

Ben :) said...

on a different post. :p

AuroraDawn said...

So, so gorgeous - I know your neighbour will keep one of these invites 'forever' in a memory box for her daughter.

but 150 of them! well done you.


alina said...

wow, Vicki, how beautiful it is! I love it! but my goodness, 150 cards in 3 weeks, unbelievable! my compliments!
hugs, Alina

Anonymous said...

They are beatiful
Well Done

San xx

Anonymous said...

I can't spell either

San xx

Biscuitlid said...

I think it's absolutely gorgeous, well done you on the huge mass production line too! So very very pretty

Linzi said...

these are beautiful viki - cant believe you made 150 though - you must be mad!!

Linzi said...

these are beautiful viki - cant believe you made 150 though - you must be mad!!